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April 29, 2017 at The Palace Theater in Grapevine

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There must be a better way to educate children…
How will I know my child will be okay if she’s in charge of herself…?

What career will I pursue? How do I balance passion and stability…?

The path that millions have walked seems safer, but…

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Steve Jobs. Rachel Ray. Richard Branson. We read all the time about people who have achieved greatness after dropping out of school. Skeptics believe it’s a fluke, but what most of these successful people had wasn’t just blind optimism and a lucky break. It was a strong sense of self. Being a self-directed learner with the confidence to pursue your goals is at the core of what leads to a successful life.

What Is An Alt Path?

Our Mission

Our mission at Alt Path is to remove the shroud that romantasizes walking an alternate path in your education or career while addressing the cynicism you may encounter at this fork in the road. Meet experts on self-directed education, hear testimonials from accomplished leaders who chose to go their own way, and converse with a panel of bright minds who have already attained clarity on their path at a very young age. 


"Go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job...

Life-long learner. We preach this in nearly every single educational institution. Whether or not we achieve it is the question. Learning doesn’t stop the moment of graduation, yet we often view education in different stages of life. In actuality, the education of self is a fluid journey that we at AltPath encourage. Each experience obtained through the journey can lead to miraculous places and open up doors to discovery and growth.

Career hard, live below your means, save money, get out of debt, have a good retirement plan."

The goal for some is financial freedom; for others it’s flexibility and happiness. Regardless of each person’s path to fulfillment, Alt Path believes in spreading awareness and understanding of the various paths available, as well as the benefits of an alterative approach to education.  Achieving individual goals and ultimate fufillment can only exist when we have the freedom to pave our own path.

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